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Pond Nets

The Pond Net Replaced by Rigid Pond Covers

Whilst a pond net used to be popular for keeping a pond free from falling leaves and attack by herons and cats, pond nets never contributed much to pond safety. Now a new range of rigid products are fast replacing the pond net - these pond grids can take the weight of a grown man, making them safe should a child accidentally fall into the water.

The new pond safety grids can help protect your fish from attack and minimise the problem of falling leaves but its real advantage is its ability to make a pond safer where there are small children playing - in fact it's a life saver!

Many accidents that occurred when only a pond net was deployed could have been avoided if a rigid pond cover or grid had been used.

It is because of this situation we have designed and manufactured our "DiamonDeck" pond safety grid. Made of reinforced plastic, the grid is UV stable and comes in black and neutral colours. Undetectable from a distance, the grid creates a barrier across the deepest of ponds making them safe from accidental drowning - something impossible with a net.

The pond cover can be installed two ways, just above the water for maximum safety or just below the surface to preserve the look of the pond. Either method will prevent a child from drowning and in most cases only be used for a few years whilst the child or children are very young. When the need for it is gone, the cover can be taken away with the minimum of disturbance to the pond.

Technical Information

The safety grids are made to the highest of standards, including:
Virgin UV stable polypropylene in accordance with quality management systems to BSEN ISO 9001-2000
Non-hydroscopic, the material is manfactured by ASM Engineering to maintain its integrity whilst fully submerged in water.

Say goodbye to the pond net - and hello to DiamonDeck pond safety covers.


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